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Custom Kingdom Death: Monster Settlement & Survivor Sheets

Like most others, my first run of Kingdom Death: Monster was naively played using the included settlement and survivor sheets. As my settlement grew, so to did the stack of papers, slowly transforming KDM into an office intern’s worst nightmare. It quickly became apparent that I needed a better tool to track my progress.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the vanilla sheets, but it is clear that they fall short in a few areas:

First, they lack certain bits of information that are quite important to track. Some examples of this would include: survival upon departure, endeavors, and bleed tokens.

Second, the gear and resource tracking system is woefully non-existent, resulting in A LOT of writing to keep accurate stock of a settlement’s storage.

Third, the sheets have a lot of wasted space, creating a lot of extra paper.

Fourth, the sheets do not yet support the expansions.

My first attempt to solve this problem was to go digital. I built an elaborate spreadsheet complete with macros to automate a lot of the more tedious processes. I then ported the file to Google Sheets so that my whole group could access and edit the sheet at the same time from their phones. Naturally, this resulted in a dramatic reduction in paperwork, cutting down on errors, speeding up play and allowing us to focus more on the game. A resounding success right? Well, not exactly…

Some people had a bit of trouble getting Google Sheets to work on their phone correctly, and trying to input values on a small phone screen was somewhat cumbersome. But most importantly, it just didn’t feel right.

There is something to be said about filling in sheets the old fashioned way. The feel of pencil to paper is so much more satisfying then the sterile and robotic method of entering values via keyboard. Not to mention, the amount of freedom that one has with regards to being able to write and draw on their documents as they please.

Knowing at last what I truly wanted, I set to work on building my own physical sheets.

My goal was to condense the sheets as much as possible, while maintaining a clean and organized feel. I also wanted the new sheets to track a bit more information, and facilitate a more structured approach to keeping stock of the settlement inventory.

This turned out to be quite difficult when the new expansions were factored in, as they more then doubled the amount of content within KDM. But after a few iterations, I finally came out with a format that I was satisfied with.

In the packet, there are three separate Settlement Sheets. The first is the People of the Lantern campaign, which represents the core KDM game. However, the sheet also supports the addition of any and all expansions to the timeline.


The second and third sheets are designed specifically for the People of the Stars and People of the Sun campaign which are finely tuned and designed to be played standalone (without additional expansion content).

The fourth and fifth sheets represent the storage manager which tracks resources and gear. The sixth, seventh, and eighth sheets are the Survivor sheets, which can track up to three Survivors per page, but can also be cut into individual Survivor sheets when playing in a group setting.

Click here to download the file (V3.00) via BoardGameGeek.

Print on letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper for best results.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions, or find any errors!


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