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Kingdom Death: Custom Monster Gear Grids V2

The single most common question I’ve been asked about my gear grids was if they would be able to fit sleeved cards.

Sadly, my answer was always no.

The first iteration was designed to fit the unsleeved cards (50.8×50.8mm) snugly within their slots, which naturally meant that the most popular sleeving option, the 53x53mm Mage Company sleeves, would not fit. When going back to modify the design, this was the main issue that I would tackle first.

The second issue that I personally had with the V1 design was how difficult it was to remove/re-arrange gear cards on the tray. Taking cards off the tray usually meant using your nails (potentially damaging the edge of the card), or flipping the tray over forcing you to remove ALL the cards just to rearrange one of them.

The new V2 gear grid addresses both of these problems, while maintaining the same look and feel of the original:

The thickness of the new grid remains the same, however the footprint  is about %6.4 larger in area (6mm longer on each edge) to accommodate sleeved cards (up to 54mm x 54mm). In addition, each of the nine slots has a slightly raised center which elevates the cards slightly off the base of the tray, making it MUCH easier to remove cards:


As usual, I’ve uploaded the file to Thingiverse if you would like to print your own copies. My build process can be found here.

I’ll once again also be offering the V2 grids for purchase by the end of this week, albeit at a slightly higher price (you can contact me via reddit, /u/exoscythe, or through the website if you would like to be put on the waiting list and be notified when they are in-stock).  First batch of V2 grids are now in stock here! The increase can be attributed to the larger volume of each tray (30% more!), but the increase should be offset by a reduction in domestic shipping fees, improvements in my process, and ability to purchase materials in bulk. The V1 grids will be phased out and won’t be available in the store. However, if for whatever reason you are still interested in them, feel free to contact me.


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