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Expected Shipping Time

Products ship from Hawaii through USPS 3-Day Priority. In most instances, your package will arrive within 3 days or less from the date of departure from the origin post office.


International Shipping

Shipping service for international customers will be through USPS International First Class International. When selecting USPS International as the shipping service, a base of $23.95 will be added for orders between 1-6 trays. Depending on the actual cost of shipment, the customer may be asked to add more funds to cover the remaining fees.


If your country is not currently eligible for shipment, please contact me here or via reddit (/u/exoscythe)  to discuss shipping options.


Shipping Policy

Once an item is shipped out, a tracking number will be provided to the customer by e-mail.

If a package is lost, damaged, or stolen, the customer will make a best effort to resolve the situation with USPS before contacting fddlstyx. Each instance will be taken on a case by case basis.




Items are carefully handcasted using a high quality polyurethane resin with strong impact resistance and strength.



Tray material is colored a light tan to white. Because the trays are handcasted with resin, there may be minor imperfections and/or bubbles on the underside of the tray. The tray is washed and lightly sanded prior to packing, but additional sanding of edges may be necessary if completely smooth edges are desired.



The tray can be painted with acrylics. A primer is recommended.


Does the grid fit sleeved cards?

The V2 grid is designed to fit both sleeved and un-sleeved cards up to 54 x 54mm in size. However, due to minor variations during fabrication, actual fit may vary by up to plus/minus 1mm.  fddlstyx will only guarantee fitment for cards with dimensions of 53x53mm or less.



Replacement Policy

fddlstyx will provide replacement for the following:

  • Product is cracked or damaged upon arrival.
  • Physical defect in product that prevents proper function.
  • Severe cosmetic defects.
  • Incorrect order.
  • Cards with dimensions of 53x53mm or less do not fit.

Photo evidence and proof of purchase must be provided by the customer to qualify for replacement.



fddlstyx will not accept returns.

See Replacement Policy, for broken or defective products.