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My compiled list of all (to my knowledge) released and planned Kingdom Death: Monster miniatures to date. Please let me know if I am missing anything/made an error somewhere, and feel free to ask me anything if you need clarification.
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A Complete Miniature List for Kingdom Death: Monster

My compiled list of all (to my knowledge) released Kingdom Death: Monster miniatures to date. Please let me know if I am missing anything/made an error somewhere, and feel free to ask me anything if you need clarification.

CG: Core Game,  EXP: Expansion, GR: General Release, LR: Limited Release (Collector’s/Seasonal/Encore), KSR: Kickstarter Release, PR: Promo

KDM 1.5 Kickstarter List here. Kickstarter minis will be added to this list as they are released through the various waves.

Last Updated: 5/30/17 – Current as of KDU #25 Memorial Day Update

ModelBase Size (mm)MaterialMSRPRelease Type
Adam & Anna, Explorers of Death30Plastic/Resin-KSR
Adult Sunstalker100Plastic/Resin$150.00EXP, LR
Ammo Slave30Resin$25.00LR
Apothesis (Female)30Resin$25.00LR
Apothesis (Male)30Resin$25.00LR
Aya the Survivor30Resin$25.00LR
Before the Wall30Plastic$25.00GR
Beyond the Wall30Resin$27.00LR
Black Friday Ninja30Plastic$25.00LR
Black Knight50Resin$40.00EXP, LR
Black Knight Squire - Female30Resin$25.00LR
Black Knight Squire - Male30Resin$25.00LR
Butcher50Plastic/Resin$25.00CG, LR
Champion Weaponsmith30Resin$27.00LR
Chef - Female30Resin$25.00LR
Chef - Male30Resin$25.00LR
Dark Elf Variant30Resin$27.00GR
Dark Paladin30Resin$27.00LR
Disciple of the Witch 130Resin$25.00LR
Disciple of the Witch 230Resin$25.00LR
Disciple of the Witch 330Resin$25.00LR
Disciple of the Witch 430Resin$25.00LR
Disciple of the Witch 630Resin$25.00LR
Doctor - Female30Resin$27.00LR
Doctor - Male30Resin$27.00LR
Dragon King135Plastic-EXP
Dragon King (Tyrant)50Plastic-EXP
Dragon King Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00EXP, GR
Dung Beetle Knight50Plastic/Resin$50.00EXP, LR
Flower Knight30Resin$30.00EXP, LR
Flower Witch50Resin$32.00LR
Forge God100Resin$125.00LR
Forge Priest30Resin$25.00LR
Forsaker 1st Run30Resin$25.00LR
Goblin Guard50Resin$40.00LR
Gold Smoke Knight50Resin$30.00LR
Gorm Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00EXP, GR
Grand Mother30Resin$26.00LR
Great Game Hunter (Female)30Plastic/Resin$12.50EXP, LR
Great Game Hunter (Male)30Plastic/Resin$25.00EXP, LR
Great Game Hunter Rogue30Resin$25.00LR
Great Game Hunter Rogue - Female30Resin$26.00LR
Green Knight Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00EXP
Gryphon100Resin$175.00EXP, LR
Halloween Special Pinup Twilight Knight30Resin$26.00LR
Holiday White Speaker Nico30Plastic$35.00GR
Illuminated Lady30Resin$25.00LR
Kara Black30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
King100Plastic/Resin$70.00EXP, LR
King's Man50Plastic/Resin$24.00CG, LR
Knight Variant30Resin$27.00LR
Lantern Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG, GR
Leather Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG, GR
Lion God50Plastic-EXP
Lion Knight 1st50Resin$40.00LR
Lion Knight 2nd60Plastic/Resin$65.00EXP, LR
Lonely Muse30Plastic-EXP
Male Visionary30Resin$27.00LR
Man-Hunter30Plastic/Resin$25.00EXP, LR
Messenger of Courage30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
Messenger of Humanity30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
Messenger of the First Story30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
Messenger of the Spiral Path30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
Mountain Man50Resin$40.00LR
Naked Survivor Kit30Plastic-CG, GR
Necromancer Boss50Resin$50.00LR
Necromancer Variant30Resin$27.00LR
Nightmare Ram50Resin$40.00EXP, LR
Noble (Female)30Resin$25.00LR
Order Weaponsmith30Resin$27.00LR
Paul The Survivor30Resin$25.00LR
People of the Stars30Plastic-EXP
People of the Sun30Resin$50.00LR
Phoenix100Plastic/Resin$150.00EXP, LR
Phoenix Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG, GR
Pinup Apotheosis30Resin$26.00GR
Pinup Architect30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Dragon Sacrifice30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Dragon Sacrifice54Resin40LR
Pinup Easter Twilight Knight30Resin$27.00LR
Pinup Forsaker30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Great Game Hunter30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Lantern Festival30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Leather Queen30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Lioness30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Nightmare Ram30Resin$27.00LR
Pinup Order Knight30Plastic$25.00GR
Pinup Phoenix Dancer30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Preacher30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Preacher54Resin$40.00GR
Pinup Primal Huntress30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Rawhide Dame30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Regeneration Suit30Plastic/Resin$25.00EXP, GR
Pinup Reversal, Allison The Twilight Knight30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Savior30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Savior Variant30Resin$25.00LR
Pinup Sci-Fi Twilight Knight30Resin$15.00PR
Pinup Silk Assassin30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Sunstalker Dancer30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Storm Armor30Resin$27.00GR
Pinup Survivor30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Twilight Knight30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Twilight Knight54Resin$40.00GR
Pinup Twilight Witch30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Visionary30Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Warrior of the Sun30Resin$27.00GR
Pinup Weaponsmith30Resin$25.00GR
Pinup Wet Nurse30Resin/Plastic$25.00GR
Pinup White Speaker30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
Rawhide Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG, GR
Ringtail Vixen30Resin$27.00LR
Role Survivors (Set of 4)30Resin$50.00LR
Savior - 20 Years30Resin$25.00LR
Savior - 40 Years30Resin$25.00LR
Savior - 80 Years30Resin$25.00LR
Sci-Fi Flower Knight54Resin$30.00LR
Sci-Fi White Speaker30Resin$25.00LR
Screaming Antelope50Plastic-CG
Screaming Antelope Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG
Slenderman30Plastic/Resin$30.00EXP, KSR, LR
Spider Silk Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00EXP, GR
Starting Survivors30Plastic/Resin$100.00CG, GR
Storm Knight30Resin$30.00LR
Sunstalker Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00EXP, GR
Sunstalker Infant100Resin$85.00LR
Super Savior30Resin$25.00LR
Survivor Candy & Cola30Plastic/Resin$25.00PR
The Gorm50Plastic/Resin$50.00EXP, LR
The Hand50Plastic/Resin$24.00CG, LR
The Lonely Tree100Plastic$45.00EXP, KSR
The Preacher30Resin$25.00LR
The Scribe54Plastic/Resin$55.00EXP, LR
The Watcher50Plastic/Resin$35.00CG, LR
Twilight Cloak30Plastic-EXP
Twilight Knight30Resin$25.00LR
Twilight Order Knight30Resin$25.00LR
Twlight Relic Knight30Resin$25.00LR
Visionary (Female)30Resin$25.00LR
Visionary (Male)30Resin$25.00LR
Warrior of the Sun (Female)30Resin$25.00LR
Warrior of the Sun (Male)30Resin$25.00LR
Wet Nurse50Plastic/Resin$65.00LR
White Knight50Resin$27.50LR
White Knight (Heavy)50Resin$27.50LR
White Lion50Plastic/Resin$25.00CG, LR
White Lion Armor Kit30Plastic$25.00CG, GR
White Spaker Nico30Resin$27.00LR
White Speaker30Plastic/Resin$25.00GR
White Speaker54Resin$40.00GR
White Speaker - Sword Hunter30Resin$25.00LR
Worshipper of the Storm - Male30Resin$27.00LR
Worshipper of the Storm - Female30Resin$27.00LR
Wrath of Kings, Twilight Knight30Resin-KSR
X-mas Special Pinup Twilight Knight54Plastic/Resin$45.00LR
  • Paulo Goncalves
    Posted at 13:27h, 04 February Reply

    Thank you for this information. Great compendium.

  • -
    Posted at 11:16h, 03 March Reply

    “Disciple of the Witch 5” does not exist.

    • styx
      Posted at 01:34h, 04 March Reply


  • .Kollector
    Posted at 02:55h, 18 March Reply

    You’re Missing Hell Dorado Twilight Knight from your list. I have it.

  • John
    Posted at 15:05h, 22 April Reply

    Time to update! Gryphon, people of the storm, cleric. Thanks for the great resource!

  • Merp
    Posted at 08:04h, 10 November Reply

    Adam and Anna come in plastic as well as resin.

  • John
    Posted at 11:16h, 08 January Reply

    Great list, really useful to all KD:M players and collectors. I believe that you are missing the male chef model from the existing list.

    Any chance of pictures to accompany the item on the list?

    • styx
      Posted at 19:05h, 12 January Reply

      Thanks! Added.
      Adding pictures would be a huge undertaking that I’m not sure I would be able to take on at the moment.

  • Jeremy Freeman
    Posted at 04:58h, 15 February Reply

    You’re missing Druid, Dark Paladin, Noble female, Mountain Man all resin release.

  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 13:10h, 01 July Reply

    Missing the Sci-Fi Flower Knight as well I think?

  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 18:38h, 01 July Reply

    And it looks like Before The Wall too.

    (Sorry for the mutiple posts btw, I’m only catching things as I slowly sort my own collection).

  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 19:05h, 01 July Reply

    Last post:

    Sci-Fi White Speaker and Pinup Twilight Order Knight

    • styx
      Posted at 00:17h, 07 July Reply

      Thanks sharnofshaed!

  • Glaciel
    Posted at 02:05h, 05 August Reply

    You’ve listed both “Female Visionary” and “Visionary – Female” on the list. Also you’re missing the Noble – Female and I think one or two others. Let me see if I can remember what they were.

    • styx
      Posted at 02:03h, 22 August Reply


  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 17:27h, 21 August Reply

    Hi, sorry it’s me again! Just wanted to let you know that the Dragon Tyrant (human form of the Dragon King) is on a 50mm base, not a 30mm one. You can see all three base sizes (135mm for the Dragon King, 50mm for the Dragon Tyrant, and two of the 6 30mm bases for the People of the Stars/Dragon Armor Kits) at this point of this unboxing video: https://youtu.be/YFqfzj9rR4E?t=3m31s

    The original KS also lists him on a 50mm base in the final plastic update for the Dragon Tyrant (update 93), as seen in this image: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/002/980/029/1563c794f760b31c9f1096f990c48eb4_original.jpg?w=639&fit=max&v=1417149336&auto=format&q=92&s=cee91e7aad61fb5e19a9b58251ab9bd7

    Sorry again that I tend to drop these in as individual notes by the way – I keep your checklist open as a reference while sorting KD:M things, and I’m worried I’ll forget to pass the info along to you if I don’t do it as I notice things! Hopefully you don’t mind your comment section being a bit mess if it means a more complete list 🙂

  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 17:35h, 21 August Reply

    And uh, I should have still double checked because I STILL managed to miss some things just on this little topic:

    Dragon King is on a 135mm base, not a 100mm base (see KS picture – evidence here https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/002/980/025/3661fafc820fe0bae9f5f390c7890d64_original.jpg?w=639&fit=max&v=1417149285&auto=format&q=92&s=273ecc9449cd8f4ceb22f21722a3dcd7)

    You’re missing the ‘People of the Dragon’ or ‘People of the Stars’, the two narrative sculpts included with the Dragon King expansion. Here’s a picture from the KS: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/002/980/031/b4723929e2cd20129c83b92034845ab3_original.jpg?w=639&fit=max&v=1417149359&auto=format&q=92&s=3eeac0ad7f6cc360824bb20804aff6a3

    • styx
      Posted at 02:02h, 22 August Reply

      Awesome! Thanks again.

  • sharnofshaed
    Posted at 16:53h, 23 August Reply

    Update from tonight – the Dung Beetle expansion comes with 2 30mm bases (in addition to the two 50mm ones for the knight and his ball) and includes parts to make two ‘rolling armor’ survivors for the ‘Rolling Armor Kit’

    Link to source cribbed from the original KS showing Adam considers it a full armor kit: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic2481520_md.jpg (sorry for no original source, this is exactly why I should make these notes for you while working, while I still have all my tabs open >.<)

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