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Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter – Miniature List

Below, you will find a compilation of all the announced (new) 30mm survivor, pinup, and armor miniature releases through the second KDM Kickstarter. KS price is not necessarily the price of the individual miniature, but rather the price of the bundle or expansion that it is a part of. Please let me know if anything is missing or incorrect!

Total # of new 30mm survivor, pinup, and armor miniatures: 91

Total cost to obtain all new 30mm survivor, pinup, and armor miniatures: $1360 USD

Note: this list does not yet include monster miniatures from new expansions.

 ModelBase Size (mm)MaterialKS PriceObtained from
Veteran30Plastic35First Hero Expansion
Pinup Twilight Knight - Male30Plastic15Add-on (Update 3)
Pinup Dung Beetle Dancer - Male30Plastic15Add-on (Update 4)
Pinup Adam30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 5)
Pinup Dung Beetle Dancer - Female30Plastic15Add-on (Update 5)
Female White Lion w/ Twilight Sword30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 6)
Sci-Fi Aya the Survivor30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 6)
Pinup Dung Ball30Plastic15Add-on (Update 6)
Alpine Armor Survivors30Plastic40Nightmare Ram Expansion (Update 7)
Last Axeman Standing30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 7)
Pinup Dung Beetle Knight30Plastic15Add-on (Update 7)
Scouts of Death30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 8)
Pinup Screaming God Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 8)
Screaming God Armor30Plastic50Screaming God Expansion (Update 9)
Murderer30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 10)
Young Survivor30Plastic60Core Game 1.5 and 1.5 Update Pack (Update 10)
Bow Master of Deadrock30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 11)
The Bloody Sword of Deadrock30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 11)
Frogdog Armor30Plastic50Frogdog Expansion (Update 13)
Pinup Gold Smoke Armor Knight30Plastic15Add-on (Update 13)
The Romantic Adventurer30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 16)
The Screaming Hoarder30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 16)
Pinup Male Screaming God Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 17)
Cockroach Queen30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 17)
Pinup Nightmare Ram Armor30Plastic15Add-On (Update 18)
Lantern Year 3 Candy & Cola30Plastic20Add-On (Update 19)
Beast Hunter Armor30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 19)
Mad & Mighty Striker30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 20)
Oblivion Mosquito Armor30Plastic50Oblivion Mosquito Expansion (Update 20)
Bone Eater30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 21)
Pinup Frogdog Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 21)
Bright Knives30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 23)
Upside down Survivor30Plastic40Pariah Expansion (Update 23)
Pinup Disciple of the Witch30Plastic15Add-on (Update 24)
Father & Son30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 25)
Super Survivor Erza30Plastic40Super Survivors Promo (Update 25)
Super Survivor Level 2 Lucy30Plastic40Super Survivors Promo (Update 25)
Super Survivor Level 3 Zachary30Plastic40Super Survivors Promo (Update 25)
Cursed Spear30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 26)
Gryphon Armor30Plastic75Gryphon Expansion (Update 26)
Pinup Kingsman30Plastic15Add-on (Update 26)
Super Survivor God Allister30Plastic40Super Survivors Promo (Update 27)
Sprinter Armor30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 27)
Pinup Black Knight Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 27)
Honorable Berserker30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 28)
Red Cloak30Plastic40Red Witches Expansion (Update 28)
Pinup Male Nightmare Ram Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 28)
Scouts of Death30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 29)
Death Armor30Plastic20Death Armor Expansion (Update 29)
Pinup Faceless Survivor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 29)
Romantic Leyline Walker30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 30)
Pinup Pond Scum Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 30)
Anna the Gourmet Hunter30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 31)
Old Survivor30Plastic60Core Game 1.5 and 1.5 Update Pack (Update 31)
Remastered Pinup Apothesis30Plastic15Add-on (Update 31)
Axerman Family30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 32)
Atnas the Child Eater50Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 32)
Neko Twilight Knight30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 33)
Pinup Mountain Dungeon Armor30Plastic15Add-on (Update 34)
Imitation Butcher Armor30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 35)
Goth Amy, the Unraveling30Plastic20Add-On (Update 35)
Pinup Death Armor30Plastic15Add-On (Update 35)
Savage Bone Eaters30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 36)
Steel Wax Armor30Plastic50Honeycomb Weaver Expansion (Update 36)
Rawhide Wax Hybrid Armor30Plastic50Honeycomb Weaver Expansion (Update 36)
Pinup Honeycomb Weaver30Plastic15Add-on (Update 36)
Merisel, Pathfinder of Death30Plastic60Pathfinders of Death (Update 37)
White/Ivory Dragon Armor30Plastic100Ivory Dragon Expansion (Update 37)
Hybrid Gate Guardian + Lantern30Plastic100Ivory Dragon Expansion (Update 37)
Gold Smoke Knight Armor30Plastic100Ivory Dragon Expansion (Update 37)
Valeros, Pathfinder of Death30Plastic60Pathfinders of Death (Update 39)
Herb Gatherer30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 39)
Pinup Twilight Deserter Knight30Plastic15Add-on (Update 39)
Blossom Armor30Plastic150Abyssal Woods Expansion (Update 40)
Bloom Witch Armor30Plastic150Abyssal Woods Expansion (Update 40)
People of the Bloom30Plastic150Abyssal Woods Expansion (Update 40)
Hybrid Luna Armor30Plastic150Abyssal Woods Expansion (Update 40)
Pinup Butcher30Plastic15Add-on (Update 40)
Kyra, Pathfinder of Death30Plastic60Pathfinders of Death (Update 41)
Pinup Scout of Death30Plastic15Add-on (Update 42)
Murder Victim30Plastic15Gambler's Chest (Update 44)
Tough Guy30Plastic15Gambler's Chest (Update 45)
Death Drifter30Plastic20Add-on (Update 46)
Magma Masochist30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 46)
Shadowstalker30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 46)
Seoni, Pathfinder of Death30Plastic60Pathfinders of Death (Update 47)
Champion of the Goblin30Plastic100Gambler's Chest (Update 47)
Pinup Dragon Goblin30Plastic15Add-on (Update 47)
Male Pinup Dragon Goblin30Plastic15Add-on (Update 48)
Pinup Percival30Plastic15Add-on (Update 49)
Anonymous Survivor30Plastic20Add-on (Update 49)
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