Painted: KDM Black Knight - fddlstyx
The Black Knight was one of three new Black Knight themed models that were added to the online store this past Valentine's Day. Yasmine Putri's concept art for the Black Knight instantly drew me in, and I really liked the sculpt, so I quickly scooped up a copy from the 1st edition production run before it sold out.
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Painted: KDM Black Knight

“They say if you take a lantern that never lit down the trail of corpses and past the whispering stars you will find an ancient figure atop a crest of determined faces. Treasured by a hidden cult of loyal squires, the figure will awaken for only the most honorable of challengers.”

According to lore, the Black Knight guards a small settlement of survivors and in return, the survivors serve as squires to the Black Knight, up-keeping its armor while it slumbers.

The Black Knight was one of three new Black Knight themed models that were added to the online store this past Valentine’s Day. Yasmine Putri’s concept art for the Black Knight instantly drew me in, and I really liked the sculpt, so I quickly scooped up a copy from the 1st edition production run before it sold out. After painting pinup KDM models back to back to back, it was quite refreshing to be able to work on a larger model that wasn’t a scantily clad female.

The Black Knight is hefty miniature with a surprising amount of weight to it. Its cape is really thick and packed solid with resin, which looks pretty strange if you view the model from below, but is not especially noticeable otherwise. The thickness is actually quite nice as it makes for a more durable cape, as well as provides some much needed counterbalance to keep the forward leaning model standing on its two feet.

There’s quite a bit of detail throughout the model that came through amazingly well in the resin cast. A bit of flash here and there, but nothing too terrible. The cape had a few small pits that were filled and sanded, and there were a few mold lines that required a quick sand.

Thankfully, assembly for this miniature was very easy. Most of the body came as one piece, and it was just a matter of attaching the limbs and a few tiny detail pieces. Because of the tight space near the hilt of the sword, I decided to paint the sword welding hand separately from the model and attach it at the very end.

The Black Knight’s armor was base coated with GW Leadbelcher and GW Sycorax Bronze, then selectively washed with alternating shades of GW Nuln Oil and GW Agrax Earthshade. The Nuln Oil did a good job of filling in the nooks and crannies of the armor, bringing out the detail very nicely. The Agrax was used mostly to bring out the “rustiness” of the armor and blend the Leadbelcher with the Sycorax. The armor was then cleaned up and highlighted with P3 Radiant Platinum and more Leadbelcher.

The cape was airbrushed with P3 Frostbite. A subtle gradient was then created with pure white for the light portions and P3 Ironhull Grey for the darker portions. I then blended in a bit of P3 Sanguine Base into the edges of the cape. The fur portion was base coated with white then heavily washed with Agrax. Nuln Oil and GW Druchii Violet were then used to selectively fill in some of the deeper gaps. The fur was then cleaned up with another layer of white.

Overall, pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Hopefully this guy gets his own expansion soon so he can be put to good use!




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