Painted: KDM Sci-fi White Speaker - fddlstyx
Another great concept by Lokman with a brilliant sculpt by Jonah Gilbert. Some people aren't huge fans of Lokman's anime inspired style, but its right up my alley.
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Painted: KDM Sci-fi White Speaker

Another great concept by Lokman with a brilliant sculpt by Jonah Gilbert to match. Some people aren’t huge fans of Lokman’s anime inspired style, but its right up my alley. The model itself was very clean, with little flash. Connection points were also surprisingly flush, so it was relatively easy to assemble. The mini came with both a sword and gun arm. Obviously I opted for the gun as KDM is saturated enough with swords already, and I now have a “ranged” mini that I can use for bow wielding survivors.

The Speaker’s armor bits were base coated with P3 Quicksilver, then washed GW Nuln Oil to bring out the contrast of the armor a bit better and add more depth. The now darkened armor was then cleaned up and highlighted with more Quicksilver.

The skin tone was slowly built up over 7 or so layers using a mix of a few paints. I usually turn to GW for skintones but decided to instead use Vallejo paints exclusively for this mini, namely Basic Skin Tone and Salmon Rose. The skin was then selectively shaded using a purple glaze made from P3 Beaten Purple. I’ve used a number of different colors to shade skin in the past, but decided to try out purple after reading some of the hype about it online. Overall, pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The cape and bodysuit were base coated with P3 Morrow White and shaded with a mixture of P3 Menoth White Base and the ever useful Vallejo Deck Tan. I had layered in some skin tone on the bodysuit in an attempt to emulate the sheer appearance of the suit as depicted in the illustration, but it turned out more subtle then I would have liked.

The hair and the red accents were done with P3 Khador Red Base, and some selective washing with Nuln Oil. I was not brave enough to try and freehand some of the symbols that appear throughout the mini; for example, on her gauntlet.

I’ve been out of the painting game for awhile, so I was a bit rusty starting out with this one. There are a lot of things I want to improve on, but I think it turned out decent given my current skillset.


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